Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Lame Cakes NOT Old Bay Cakes :(

So I was super excited to make these amazing-looking tofu cakes. They are another Tal Ronnen recipe I have been dying to try! But, unlike every other recipe of his I have made, we were all incredibly disappointed! Now a couple of things may have come into play here - 1. I may have not let the cakes refrigerate long enough - although I followed the recipe exactly, I'm thinking they needed several hours or overnight to become much more firm. 2. I only made the tofu cakes - I didn't go all out & make the pan-roasted summer veggies or the topping. BUT shouldn't the cakes be awesome all on their own?! I know something went wrong because everything Tal makes is pure culinary magic! & for some odd reason, unbeknown est to me, these were a disaster. It is very difficult for me to post this because I am not used to failing in the kitchen. But I have to be honest - I will not be making these again anytime soon. The texture was bizarre & they were WAY over salted & I adore salt! It's my vice! Total bummer! But here were 3 other components to the meal that were delightful - thank goodness! 

 Here's pics for you anyway because they sure look yummy! On the plus side, my sweet dog, Chica, devoured the left-overs! I made her night!

They look so good frying up in the pan!

Here is a picture of the lovely summer drink I made! It was a recipe from the latest issue of VegNews & it was fantastic! I also made the peach pie recipe from the same article & I thought it was yummy. Not the best peach pie I've had but it was still very yummy, none-the-less.

 These are the BEST Brussels Sprouts ON THE PLANET. Super simple & I am very proud of this ridiculously easy recipe. It is how I got Kingston & Lily to eat Brussels Sprouts & they eat these like they are popcorn!! You don't have to believe me but it's TRUE!!


4 - 6 cups Brussels sprouts, halved or quartered ( "the more the better" is the motto around here!!)
Olive oil spray
Sea salt
Nonstick pan or skillet
Paper-thin sliced garlic from 1 head garlic (for garlic "chips")

Heat pan/skillet over medium high heat for a minute or two.

Coat the hot pan with spray then quickly toss in sprouts & mix around with spatula/spoon - lightly coating the sprouts with the olive oil. 

Let sprouts brown, about 5 - 7 minutes. Then lightly spray the tops of sprouts & turn over to lightly brown other sides. 

Remove from heat sprinkle with desired amount of salt & pepper. 

Eat them like crazy!! Yum yum yum!!!

FOR THE CHIPS: In same pan (preferably before cooking sprouts), heat pan over medium high heat for a  minute or two. Add 1/2 - 1 tbsp olive oil & swirl around pan to coat bottom. Throw in the thinly sliced garlic & heat until lightly browned, then turn over (may take a little time to get each one). But they will fry p pretty quickly! The point is to try & keep them a light light brown if they get too cooked, they really don't taste as pleasant. Top your Brussels sprouts with these delicious little babies & go wild!!

Lovely Peach Pie. A perfect summer treat. 

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