Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Missing Rowan

Well, it is another gorgeous summer day here in beautiful Southern California but I'm sad :( Rowan is going back up to Washington today & we will miss her dearly. We had so much fun yesterday- school shopping, getting mani/pedi's (thanks, mom!), having deep, philosophical conversations - she is THE BEST!  Here's some pics she took & things she did while staying here with us:

Rowan & Lily
Adorable! Gorgeous girls!!

This is the incredible mural Rowan drew on Lily's wall in her room! It is SO unbelievable! & so awesome for Rowan to leave a bit of her amazing self on her sister's wall for always!

Rowan took this pic of Lucas, Giorgia & me on one of our after dinner walks. Of course Rowan, Lily & Kingston were all rushing ahead of us - Lucas & I were a bit more leisurely :)

So not only was Rowan able to get Kingston to share his toys with his baby sister, she got him back in our pool!! Which is so rad - I have video footage of it but I'm technologically impaired & can't seem to download it for this post! But she is the only one who could get him to play in the pool - not even his papa could get him back in there! 

Rowan we all love you so much! You are a special, talented, thoughtful, strong, amazing & beautiful soul. You bring light & joy & laughter to our home. You are missed! We cannot wait to have you back again! 


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