Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amazingly Awesome Artichokes

-water (fill a large pot about halfway)
-2 lemons, halved
-lots of garlic
-onion powder or 1 large chopped onion
-1/4 cup white wine
-1/2 cup Tamari
-1/2 a container Better Than Bouillon (or 2 -3 vegan bouillon cubes)
- 2 tbsp olive oil
-2  bay leaves
-salt & pepper, lots
wash artichokes in cold water
chop off stems
remove tough lower leaves

cut artichokes in half
bring broth to slight boil
lower heat & place artichokes in  broth
simmer for 25 - 35 min, covered
serve with dill dipping sauce

great thing about this broth - it can be frozen or refrigerated & reused for artichokes a second time!!
- 4 tbsp vegenaise
- splah of plain unsweetened soy milk
- 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon
- 1/4 - 1/2 tsp dill weed
- 14 - 1/2 tsp parsley
- 1 tsp onion powder
- salt
- pepper
combine well & serve with artichokes

This can be made a day ahead of time - the flavors develop nicely in the fridge

 Just give it a quick stir before serving


& Happy Valentine's Day!