Friday, July 16, 2010

Julie & Julia

Wow. So I just finished watching Julie & Julia & I was in heaven! Seriously, I cried, like, the whole movie!! From joy, of all things! I just love cooking so much & every time Meryl Streep was cooking & happy, I felt like I was right there with her - it made my heart overflow!! Of course, being Vegan & all, I cannot conceive of deboning a duck - uuuggghhhh! But the simple joy I get from cooking & being in the kitchen - well, I was inspired! I'm thinking about going through my cookbooks, one by one, & cooking everything! & believe me, that would be no small feat! I have MANY MANY MANY cookbooks!! Heehee it makes me giddy to think about doing it! Oh! Ya! More important than my new muse - I'm writing a cookbook!! I cannot wait to tell you all about it!! I will start posting some recipes on here for your amusement & JOY! & as Julia says, "Bon appetit!"

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